Friday, September 22, 2006

Thanks SP 8!

I received my last secret pal package yesterday from Sara. Thanks Sara! I received some cotton yarn for whatever, some Reynolds Lopi, some note cards, candy!, a ruler and bubbles for JCC. Bubbles are already gone.

I have a friend who does tie-dye and sells at the local Farmers Market. These are my latest purchase. I just love them! Chris still shakes his head at his tie-dye children. He's in denial!

This was a fun secret pal summer. I'm going to skip SP9 but I do think I'm going to do the Spin to Knit SP.


Anonymous said...

YAY! You got it. I hope you enjoy all the goodies and I can already see the Bubbles were a hit.

Anonymous said...

Dude . . . I am in denial? I think you are for thinking tye-dye is any sort of fashion accpetable