Saturday, February 11, 2006

Random Things

Baby Cashew will be three weeks old tomorrow. My mom is in town and that's been a tremendous relief. Just having someone to talk to other than a more demanding than normal three year old is a big help. I'm just starting to get back to doing a wee bit of knitting in the evening after Little Man goes to bed. I'm making another pair of felted mocs (sigh) for my father-in-law. My mother-in-law loves hers and FIL requested his own. No big deal, but I'm using stash yarn leftovers and I think I'm going to be a couple of rows short. DAMN IT. That drives me nuts.

Next I want to make something for my midwife -- maybe a scarf. I intend on using more stash yarn for this. So I'm not sure if the colors will be what she'd normally wear, but hopefully she'll enjoy it. After that I want to tackle Anouk as it's so damn cute. Hopefully by then my mondo order of Uruguayan yarn will be in (another co-op, but not Malabrigo this time) and I'll get started on a sweater for me, random baby things and a hat/scarf set for Chris.

While I was busy obsessing over my late baby, I missed posting about my one year of knitting! I taught myself (via online videos) over MLK weekend last year on a trip to Baltimore. What a great year it's been -- knitting provides me with so much! Relief from the monotony of being a SAHM, something to obsess over and dream about, tactile stimulation, new friends, etc. It's great -- everyone should knit. :)

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