Monday, February 20, 2006

A Day in the Life of A 3.5 Year Old Boy

Today was the first day for the munchkins and me to be by ourselves. My mother left for Baltimore yesterday after a two week visit. :( I was rather scared but we had an abnormally good day.

JCC has recently figured out how to play navigate around the internet to his favorite sites (I set him up his own user profile with a list of his links) and he now enjoys doing that for a part of the day. As a homeschooler, I felt some initial guilt over this but have then resolved myself that as the spawn of two computer geeks it's in his destiny. Anyway, this is what his day looked like today:

Make Tinker Toy Airplane

Play Online

underwear "Mask"

The kid is too funny.

And now some knitting pics:

My stash

1 skein of each colorway I ordered from a 100purewool co-op. Gorgeous stuff.

2 soakers and a wet bag.

Part of the sweater I'm making for little man


Sarah said...

I recently got some yarn from a 100purewool co-op and I LOVE it! Seeing pics of yours makes me want to go fondle my own again...that stuff is SO soft!

knitsteel said...

You are a brave woman. I won't let my kids touch my computer, and it's not because we go to a Waldorf school. Maybe someday....