Saturday, May 26, 2007

That Whole 7 Random Things Thing

Both PCR and Laura tagged me for this . . . I'm not tagging anyone as I think it has to have gotten to everyone by now. :)

1. Both of my children were born on the rug in our bedroom. I will now keep that rug forever.

2. I never willingly touched a worm until the Little Man made me do so. I didn't want to spread one of my irrational issues to my child so I held it all the while inwardly chanting "Eweweweweweweewe."

3. I could eat Thai food everyday and not tire of it. Luckily this area of Cleveland is blessed with many a good restaurant and I've become reasonably proficient at various curries.

4. If you saw my wardrobe you would think it belonged to two people. Half is your basic khaki, navy, black, work acceptable clothing and the other half (mainly pj's, socks, and exercise gear) is shocking pink and orange.

5. I will be 30 years old one month from today!

6. I never had any interest in gardening growing up even though both of my parents do plenty of it (dad has veggies, mom flowers) as they never wore gloves and I dislike touching dirt. When we moved here I bought some gloves and found a new love.

7. Every few years I have a word that I dislike -- first it was "genre", then "utilize" and most recently "meme". :)


amy said...

squick! Meme is a bad word, I agree. I know there are words I don't like, but I can't think of them now.

Cool about your births - mine were at home but no two on the same surface :-)

earthchick said...

I'm such a dork for forgetting you had just done this.

I'm totally with you on "utilize." Why anyone would say that instead of "use" mystifies me.

Oh, and happy birthday, a tad early!

Vanessa said...

I'm guilty of utilzing "utilze" in meetings when I want to sound more professional :)

strange, but I find the word "blog" rather abhorrent.