Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Making Up for Lost Time (pic intensive)

Apparently 4.5 years is the age of a rechargeable battery -- in the last few months we've had to replace both the video camera battery and now the digital camera. So, here are a few posts worth of pics.

Chris kindly made me these raised beds for some veggies! They are all planted in the square-foot gardening method and we now have lots of seedlings popping through. I'll go more in depth later.

Close-up of Nasturium growing in above bed.

We put down 15 yards of mulch two weeks ago. It makes everything really stand out.

The new hammock was my Mother's Day gift along with a latte and iTunes card!

The pansies are trying to rally after they were deer lunch.

The tree peony was stunning this year.

This is the tree peony I bought at last year's super end of season sale. Just one beautiful bloom this year.

Bleeding hearts are always pretty.

My mother brought me up the stunning hosta. I Love it!

A kind neighbor let us dig up a bunch of ostrich ferns last year but we thought they had died. Turns out that the first year you move ferns they put all of their energy into their roots.

And finally some knitting! I lucked out a few months ago and got a spot in the Scout's Swag Sign-up. Here is the beautiful yarn (named Lavender Mint) posing with the bluebells. Anyone have any ideas for a non-boring sock pattern that won't take forever? I love the Jaywalkers but it is not a speedy sock for me (have to look at it.) The next pic is one of the finished socks for my father. They were intended for his birthday but as that was in February, I'm now aiming for Father's Day. It's mate is half-way done.

It was close to 90 yesterday and we scoured the local stores for a rigid kiddy pool (the inflatable ones don't last long with outdoor kitties) wee girl enjoyed scooping water onto the plants.


Whitney said...

I am so impressed with your gardens - they look great! We are headed out to Nebraska, where I was born. Mark has never been further West than where mom and dad are in OH, so this will be an adventure. We won't have time to get up to Cleveland this time around, but I want to as soon as I can. If I am still unemployed in June, I may make a trip to see mom and dad and maybe I can get up there.

earthchick said...

Wow, your gardens are awesome.

For an easy, quick, fun sock pattern that I think would look great with your beautiful yarn, I would highly recommend the Monkey pattern from I know that everyone online seems to be doing it these days - but there's a good reason: it's awesome. Super-fun, super-fast, and it looks great with a variegated yarn. I would highly recommend it!

Sourire11 said...

Your gardens are beautiful! I have some nasturium seeds that I still have to plant, actually. And raised beds are totally the way to go for veggies.

Yeah for summer!