Sunday, April 16, 2006

They Are All Asleep . . .

The children, the husband, the dog. The cats might be still skulking about but the house is quiet for once. I'd love to be reading or knitting something interesting but I have nothing but another boring baby sweater in garter stitch and some child rearing books to peruse. Blah.

Spring is in full force here and we've been outside a bunch. Little boy should have been a farmer as much as he loves to dig and pretend grow things. 3.5 is a nice age in that he'll actually listen when I say not to dig in my flower beds. (He has his own bed to dig in and a woodsy bed that's about 50' x 12' to dig in too.) Yesterday I did the last of the spring clean-up and then did some weeding today. I still want to move some ferns and hostas to new homes and then I need to re-edge the beds. I'm hoping to get some mulch down too, at least on the sunny beds, so the weeds don't take over.

In homeschooling land I sent out an email to a bunch of mamas seeing if anyone would be interested in little field trips every month if I organize them. Things like going to a riding stable, chocolate factory, art museum, etc. It feels weird to be taking an initiative to do this but I think both the little boy and I are happier when we're out and about at least a bit most days. Little girl is a such a sweet, happy girl that she doesn't care where we are. We are blessed to have such an easy baby to go with the not-so-easy child. I can't imagine what having two high needs children would be like.

In a couple of weeks the babes and I will be off to MD. Mostly to visit my family, but a little bit to see the MD Sheep and Wool Festival. I'm trying to figure out how much money I want to spend. I have a whole trunk full of yarn so it seems a bit weird to be stalking fiber. And then in June I'm going to take the Beginning Spinning class at the FiberFest and I know that that will lead to more things I just have to have so maybe I should save most of my spending money for there. Decisions decisions.

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knitsteel said...

It's very refreshing to hear a knitter say boring baby sweater. Yes, baby sweaters are cute, but plain knitting can be boring.