Thursday, April 06, 2006

Such is Life as the Child of a Knitter

My children will resent me for this one day. :)

I was going to give this to a friend whose baby is due any day, but as it's not very small and quite warm, I've decided to keep it for ACC. I'll make a wee sweater out of blue cotton-ease for little baby to be.

It's another beautiful day here. The crocuses are almost done and the daffodils are starting. It looks like the Magnolia will be opening soon. Little Boy is sick today. Nothing like projectile vomitting to start the morning! He is feeling better now after quite a bit of sleeping and some Junior Mints.


earthchick said...

OMG, that is so adorable! (is that Malabrigo?)

Vegan Knitting said...

Very cute with those cheeks!

Kat said...

Very Cute hat! but the baby is higher on the cute-0-meter :)
Good work, times 2. ;)

pancake goddess said...

hey - I surfed in on the mdc knits ring and I can't find a way to email you. I'd really like to know where you got the pattern for the felted swap bag in your 2005 FO album. Could you email me at benjalo @ Gmail . com ?? thanks!