Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yesterday it was Spring

And today it's back to winter. Normally I don't mind Cleveland winters as with all the snow they're usually quite pretty, however this year we have had little snow and it's just been gray and ugly. Bleh.

But yesterday it was 70 and sunny. JCC and I spent time outside in our short-sleeve shirts reveling in the blue sky. Even with a babe strapped to my chest I couldn't resist gardening and managed to clean off one wee bed back by the woods where I wouldn't have to pick up the leaves. Underneath the leaves some crocuses were starting to open so it was well worth it.

And now today . . .

Poor baby girl is quite sick (suspected RSV) and is sleeping even more than usual. It really sucks to see someone so young feel bad. :( Even with being sick she still smiles and tries to coo -- that bodes well for her temperament.

Knitting wise I'm making a boring hat for Chris. I had originally made a ribbed soaker (cloth diaper cover) but after having gauge issues and it turning out too small, I frogged it and noticed that the colors match Chris's winter coat very nicely. I had found a couple of cute patterns for hats, but they were dismissed as too childish. With that said, yesterday he asked if I could put a knot on top like on the kids' umbilical hats. :)

I'm not sure what to do about my gauge issues -- I knit really really loosely and can't seem to get my knitting to meet normal gauge ranges. Even going down to small needles (US 3) I'm getting 4 sts/in in worsted yarn. I guess the answer is that I'm going to have to start figuring out how many sts/in I want and then adapt the pattern.

My apologies for this rambley, tense challenged post. My mind is antsy this morning.

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Stacie said...

I am your next door neighbor on Midwest Knitters, typing with a small child on lap! Love the cute sweather and hope the little one feels better soon, she is a new baby, no?