Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mud Season

It's still relatively cold out. (It would feel balmy except for the 70 degree warm-up that threw off our internal what-is-warm gauge.) But that doesn't stop JCC from enjoying the mud.

Wee girl is still sick.

Not much else is going on. JCC actually did print-outs yesterday. He has been interested in letters/reading from going to the Starfall site and yesterday we decided to print some out and try writing them. He still has a bit to go on the fine motor skills to write so I don't think I'm going to suggest it again. I also need someone left handed to show him how to hold a pencil. I did my best to approximate how my father writes and it seemed to be ok, but I think he could use some hands-on attention from another lefty. The whole thing felt a bit schoolish in my book which was just plain weird. I'm much more at home with the mud jumping part of childhood. :) Well, just as long as he takes the boots off before coming inside.

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