Friday, January 16, 2009

The Coldest Day in 32 years

And this is how Miss A dresses. If you can't tell, she's wearing a bikini. She's had a bathing suit on for the past three days. :) She'll be three next week.

It was around -14 this morning. Brrr. The car wouldn't start and I missed my chiro. appt (CTS is horrible so this is another knit free post) but Chris was able to get it started later and we took Miss A to her first skating lesson. JCC has been skating/playing hockey for a few years now but this Sunday is his first time playing in front of an audience and he is so excited!

Morning hair

JCC on the computer

HCC close-up. He's still a sweetie but is getting huge! He's about out of 9 mos. clothes already (he'll be 5mos next week.)


Donna said...

I like how she added the jacket but still has bare legs 8-)

earthmuffinmommy said...

oh my melinda- he (baby) is sooo cute!! and so big!! aaron is still in 18 months- i must only make skim milk ;)

Melissa said...

I can't believe Miss A is learning to skate! That's amazing.