Sunday, February 17, 2008

Easy Peasy Projects

In lieu of working on my Clapotis (really should have doubled up the fingering weight yarn) I've been having fun making little things out of my handspun. I joined the Spunky Eclectic's Fiber Club last summer and it's a treat to get a little bag (4oz) of fiber at the end of every month. One of the fun things about the club is that the colors are not ones I'd normally choose but I do like finding uses for them. Every once and a while there's a luxury fiber that comes in smaller amounts and this fall it was a tencel merino blend named Aspen that was just gorgeous. Knowing that 2oz of an aran weight wouldn't make much, I settled on using the Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf stitch pattern for a simple headband.

Next I made the Corrugate Hat from Teva Durham's Loop-d-loop book. I love Teva's patterns even if bulky knits are not the most flattering to a top-heavy figure. I was hoping to make a hat for me but couldn't locate the second ball of yarn that I spun up from the July offering of the above fiber club, so instead it became a hat for the Little Lady. She looks quite cute in it and was in need of a hat that covered her ears. Of course I located the second ball of yarn a bit ago while I was cleaning off my desk.

The Little Man has been begging to knit for years now but just doesn't quite have the fine motor skills quite yet but finally we found some good directions for finger knitting and he had a great time creating this scarf for his dinosaur.

Last week we attended a birthday party where there was face painting. Here's JCC as a lion.


Sourire11 said...

Great use of little bits of spinning! I love that headband. And the dinosaur scarf is just too cute.

Melissa said...

You look so cute in that picture!

earthchick said...

Cute stuff, all of it! I esp. love the finger-knitted dinosaur scarf. :)

Bronwyn said...

you do more in a day than i think i do in a month! congrats on number three! and i hope you are feeling better.