Sunday, February 04, 2007

Vivid Violet

roving with bits of lemon yellow throughout. Isn't it pretty? And oh so soft. Spinning is really an amazing thing -- time seems to evaporate when I'm doing it. I don't know if it's just because I'm learning and spend so much time thinking about what I'm doing or if it's just a magical craft in general. I've managed to solve my overtwist problem but now feel like I'm spending more time predrafting the roving than actually spinning. If you have advice please comment.

Pile o' baby hats awaiting to be delivered. (Babies have already arrived.)


robby said...

My favorite sister, you have too much time on your hands. Can you spin and drink a beer at the same time? :}

Sourire11 said...

Beautiful spinning, and very cute baby hats!

Hope you're staying warm in this crazy-cold weather!

Linda said...

what a beautiful lavender color. absolutely lovely.

Bronwyn said...

My dear Mel, How did you find me?? I don't know how to do searches like that. Or is Whitney the missing link?
You look and sound wonderful. I'm at
p.s. the word verification i have to type looks strikingly similar to "rutabega." coincidence? i think not.

erica said...

You'll get the hang of what feels right for you. One thing that helped me was to feed the yarn into the wheel orifice in short quick motions and that made a huge difference. Your yarn is beautiful, you may want just a bit more twist in it to give you some strength in the yarn. You can always test it by pulling about 18 inches off the bobbin, hanging your orifice hook from the middle and letting it dangle. That will tell you how your yarn will look when it's plied. Some of your overspinning will come out in the plying process.

Carrie said...

Beautiful yarn in gorgeous colors. I also tend to overspin, but usually ply so it all evens out. If I'm planning a singles, I do spend a lot of time pre-drafting to avoid too much twist. It's not as fun as spinning, but it makes a huge difference in the finished yarn and ease of spinning if rovings are pre drafted.

You could try spinning from a large carded batt or spin from the fold if you want a different effect with less pre-drafting, too. And yes, the time just drifts away when I spin too...I love it!